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Find Out Why DuraCloud Gets High Hosted Service Marks–in 3 Minutes

Austin, TX  If you need a flexible service that allows you to easily access and manage actively-used digital content that also requires long-term preservation, then DuraCloud is your solution. Learn more about DuraCloud and DuraCloud Vault, and the differences between these two types of hosted digital preservation services, in this three-minute Quickbyte broadcast from DuraSpace:

The DuraCloud hosted digital preservation service receives high marks for data integrity, reliability, scalability, retention and portability compared with other preservation services. Specifically, the Digital POWRR Project’s white paper, From Theory to Action: Good Enough Digital Preservation for Under-Resourced Cultural Heritage Institutions [1] noted DuraCloud’s ease-of-use, quick customer service and competitive pricing.

The DuraSpace Quickbyte channel features recordings designed to keep you informed in just a few quick bytes! Tune in if you have been wondering about what’s happening with DuraSpace open source projects–Fedora, DSpace, VIVO–or about DuraSpace community initiatives such as the Portland Common Data Model:

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