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DSpace 6.0 Testathon Ends on May 6–Get in Here!

Austin, TX  The DSpace community is currently running a Testathon until May 6th. As a community who benefits from free, open source software, it is our shared responsibility to at least try to hit the highest level of quality possible for our new release.

SWORD Testers

In particular testers are needed to try our SWORD (v1 and v2) interfaces again, especially those who depend heavily on SWORD based deposit processes (  During initial testing last week, we immediately discovered neither was working properly. Those issues have been resolved on, but we could still use testers to help us fully test these machine-based interfaces. The logins to the SWORD interfaces are the same as those posted on the demo XMLUI or JSPUI.

• SWORD v1 service document:
• SWORD v2 service document:

General Testathon Instructions

1. Go to the DSpace Test plan of your choice
2. After reading the instructions on the first tab, look for tests that haven't been carried out in one of the tabs at the bottom
If you think of any of your own use cases, that are not covered in the test plan, feel free to add your own tests. If it isn't in the test plan, you can't be sure the functionality is tested or working in DSpace 6.
Together, we are building the best release that DSpace has ever seen.