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Shine On–The DSpace Repository Community at OR2016

Austin, TX  Are recent DSpace open source repository software advances of interest to you? Here are several opportunities to catch up on what the the DSpace community is engaged in and planning if you will attend the 11th Annual International Conference on Open Repositories Conference (#OR2016) next month, June 13-16, in Dublin, Ireland.

DSpace Developer and DCAT (DSpace Community Advisory Team) Meeting

• Monday, 13/Jun/2016: 9:00am - 11:00am

Join Tim Donohue, DuraSpace, , Maureen Walsh, The Ohio State University, and Bram Luyten, @mire for an open and far-reaching discussion with current and prospective DSpace developers and members of the DSpace Community Advisory Team (DCAT).

Plans for building an advanced DSpace 7 user interface, updates on the latest release, DSpace 6 and opportunities for everyone to get involved in contributing to technology roadmap goals will be discussed will be on the agenda for this working session. The DSpace Developer / DCAT Meeting is not a DSpace tutorial or training session. Please sign up here.

Repository Rodeo

• Tuesday, 14/Jun/2016: 11:00am - 12:30pm

It’s not the first repository rodeo for any of these panelists: David Wilcox, Duraspace (Fedora), Tom Cramer, Stanford University (Hydra), Melissa Anez, Islandora Foundation (Islandora), Tim Donohue, DuraSpace (DSpace),  Leslie Carr, University of Southampton (ePrints), and Tibor Simko, CERN (Invenio) and that’s why they have the answers to your repository questions. Join representatives from several repository platforms to find out what each of these repositories actually does. Presenters will also talk about communities, technical development trends, strategic priorities and activities, and more.

This panel is an opportunity for newcomers to Open Repositories to get a crash course on major repository options and meet representatives from each community.  After brief presentations repository representatives will open the session for questions from the audience.

Introducing DSpace 6.0

• Wednesday, 15/Jun/2016: 2:00pm - 2:45pm

Ivan Masar, Czech Republic, Kim Shepherd, University of Auckland Library, New Zealand, and  Tim Donohue, DuraSpace are looking forward to reviewing DSpace 6, its contributors, new features and improvements. Software advances will be discussed and demonstrated, and how current improvements are paving the way for a future-facing DSpace 7.0.

Introducing the New DSpace User Interface Platform

• Wednesday, 15/Jun/2016: 2:45pm - 3:30pm

Along with the DSpace UI Working Group, Tim Donohue, DSpace Tech Lead, DuraSpace helped to develop a DSpace UI Prototype Challenge, asking community members to submit prototypes on a platform of their choice in late 2015. Nine prototypes were submitted for review, in a variety of technologies, including Java, client-side Javascript, and Ruby on Rails.

After analyzing these prototype platforms, and receiving feedback from the community and Steering group, we found a strong preference for deeper analysis of the capabilities of a Javascript UI platform. In late March, a collaborative, extended prototype on the Angular 2 platform began, with the hopes of proving whether a Javascript platform could meet the needs of DSpace going forward.

This talk will introduce/demo the Angular 2 UI prototype, explain how we got here, and update you on the latest status of this work. There will be opportunities to provide your feedback on the new DSpace UI direction.

Viewing Large DSpace Files in the Mobile Era

• Thursday, 16/Jun/2016: 9:00am - 9:30am

Have you been looking for more information about how to manage really big files in DSpace in all the wrong places? Join Ignace Deroost and Art Lowel, Atmire, for a  presentation introducing Atmire’s research that addresses issues with serving large documents in DSpace. The research results formed the basis for a new Atmire Document Streaming module. Presenters will share a demonstration and review design decisions and lessons learned.

Around the World in 90 Minutes - Globetrotting DSpace Enhancements

• Wednesday, 15/Jun/2016: 11:00am - 12:30pm

Presenters from institutions, in Italy, China, and Cuba will share recent examples of DSpace implementations and enhancements. Details here.