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TUNE IN to Current Hydra-in-a-Box Project Demos

Austin, TX  Curious about how the far-reaching Hydra-in-a-Box project is progressing? “Hydra-in-a-Box”, as it is nicknamed, aims to foster a new, national, library network through a community-based repository system, enabling discovery, interoperability and reuse of digital resources by people from the U. S. and around the world. If you have a spare ten minutes you can tune in to YouTube and get the latest updates on ongoing design and development work from the Hydra-in-a-Box team.

Updates on the next-generation digital repository solution for cultural heritage institutions in the form of ten-minute demonstrations of momentum and progress are collected in the Hydra-in-a-Box YouTube channel.

Interested community members are cordially invited to take a look. The updates, narrated by project technical team members, focus on key features and benefits in simple terms rather than getting too deep into the “technical weeds”.

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