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VIDEO UPDATES from the DSpace New User Interface (UI) Initiative team

From Tim Donohue, DSpace Tech Lead

Austin, TX  In the weeks leading up to Open Repositories 2016 (and beyond) the DSpace New User Interface (UI) Initiative team will post regular, brief video updates on progress available on YouTube. Viewers are encouraged to send feedback or contribute to the initiative. Currently, the team consists of volunteers from Texas A&M, @mire, Cineca and DuraSpace. We welcome new volunteers. 

Current DSpace New User Interface (UI) video updates:

  • How we got here: Review of the steps that led to this initiative, beginning with the UI Prototype Challenge in late 2015. This includes an overview of the later decision to perform an extended prototype on Angular 2:
  • Angular 2 UI Prototype Demo of Phase 1 tasks/goals:
    • Phase 1 consisted of validating that we could build a basic DSpace read-only browse experience in the Angular 2 Javascript framework (, and still have it be easily indexed by Google Scholar.
  • Angular 2 UI Prototype Demo, May 16 updates:
    • Phase 2 began in May, and its primary goal is to build a more DSpace-like, enhanced prototype to show off at the OR2016 conference in June.

(NOTE: If video initially appears blurry, use the video player quality settings to switch to 720p HD video playback)

Much more information on the Angular 2 UI Prototype can be found in its README at:  You can take it for a test run locally, chip in, or follow along on the code progress via our Waffle board (

Feel free to let the team know if there are topics you'd like to hear more about, or have feedback or questions on the DSpace list: These videos are also all listed in a public playlist at