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Building an Authority Source For People

From Peter Dietz, Longsight

Independence, Ohio  Longsight has recently engaged with The Pingry School to solve the problem of being able to integrate the school's 100+ year history of alumni and staff as selectable people during submission. The basic DSpace approach to solving this, would just have been to submit people names as plain text, which would involve duplicative typing, and could introduce inaccuracies. Since these historical records do not exist in an existing authority controlled system, such as ORCID or Library of Congress names, there is no existing Authority Control for them. Thus, Longsight came up with specifications for The Pingry School to build a webservice on top of their local people database. Then Longsight extended DSpace's Authority Control system to integrate with Pingry's data system. As a result, submitters have the ability to autocomplete authors of records.