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Collaboration Between DSpace Registered Service Providers To Integrate And Deploy a Module On a Tight Deadline

From Peter Dietz, Longsight

Independence, Ohio  Longsight manages DSpace for the Woods Hole Open Access System (WHOAS), a repository of marine biology publications and datasets. To provide as much value to this rich data, WHOAS has added a Linked Data module to DSpace to allow researchers to query their data.

To accomplish this WHOAS engaged @mire to build an Editable Authority Control module for DSpace that would allow for the addition of new authorities (orcid, vessels, cruises), and expose that data as rdf for researchers to query records. The project was on a tight deadline as the project sponsor at Woods Hole was planning a leave of absence. @mire completed the code, Longsight tested the code, and proposed modifications. The integration and deployment to Woods Hole DSpace was completed on time and on deadline!