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KnowledgeArc and EIFL Launch the First Open Repository in Myanmar

From Michael Guthrie, KnowledgeArc  EIFL, in association with the University of Mandalay and the University of Yangon, ran  a series of seminars and meetings in March to finalize institutional open access policies and launch open access repositories.  During this series of meetings, as part of the EIFL eLibrary Myanmar project, KnowledgeArc launched the first open access repository in the country of Myanmar.  The University of Mandalay’s EResources features access to a wide range of scholarly e-journal and e-book collections, plus high quality reference information and academic databases, and is now available to faculty and students at the University of Mandalay.  


The University of Yangon is also a part of the Myanmar project.  The university formed an Open Access Working Group who developed the vision for an open access institutional repository, defined content for the repository, designed the structure and approved an open access repository policy.  

While the two new DSpace repositories are still being populated and are not yet publically visible, they are hosted on the KnowledgeArc platform and are in the developing country programme. They will also feature researcher pages integration with WordPress and Joomla using a DSpace REST API.

For more information read the complete story here.