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The Sheridan Libraries at Johns Hopkins University Awarded IMLS Grant for Fedora 4 API Extensions Framework

Austin, TX  The Sheridan Libraries at Johns Hopkins University were awarded an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) National Leadership Grant for Libraries earlier this year. The aim of the funding is to to assist work on the API Extensions framework for Fedora 4 platform that will facilitate the exposure of repository contents as linked data web resources.

The API Extensions Framework will provide a means to add functionality to Fedora using standardized, sharable components. The possible capabilities range from content ingestion (e.g., deposit status and update, recovering from interrupted deposit), storage management (e.g., compound objects in bags stored in cloud-based service), digital preservation (e.g., file derivatives, format migration), data transformation (e.g., render Fedora objects as MODS/XML), access management (e.g., embargo), content characterization (e.g., graph-based representation), content presentation (e.g., image rendering) and integration with discovery protocols (e.g., OpenSearch). By providing architecture to deploy repository services as lightweight extensions, institutions that use Fedora 4 for their repository needs would be automatically positioned to extend their platforms for more robust data management.

The Fedora community is engaged in related efforts towards formalization of the current Fedora RESTful API as a testable specification (see “DuraSpace Aims to Formalize Fedora RESTful API into Testable Specification”, Programmable Web, May 2016).

The Fedora team congratulates The Sheridan Libraries at Johns Hopkins University and looks forward to continued collaboration towards establishing a Fedora API specification that will be a significant milestone for the project and the community enabling a concrete and common understanding of Fedora's role in an institution's infrastructure ecosystem.