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Fedora Project in Australia this Fall

Austin, TX  Traveling to Melbourne, Australia for the eResearch Australasia Conference 2016? Please join Esmé Cowles, Digital Infrastructure Developer, Princeton University and expert in Fedora, Hydra and PCDM, who will deliver an “Introduction to Hydra and Fedora 4” Workshop and a “Curating Research Data with Hydra and PCDM” presentation on behalf of the Fedora Project. The workshop and presentation will take place at the conference on Friday, October 14, 2016.

Please register for workshop and conference sessions here:

Membership in DuraSpace supports valuable activities in the Fedora community such as costs associated with community members traveling to deliver workshops and presentations around the world. This helps the Fedora Project build mindshare and capacity, in terms of experience for trainers, for those who want to learn more about Fedora, and for those interested in participating fully in community-supported Fedora open source software development.

Find out how to become a DuraSpace member in support of the Fedora Project: