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Learn More About Scholars@Duke

From Julia Trimmer, Manager, Faculty Data Systems & Analysis, Office of the Provost, Duke University

Durham, NC  Will you be attending the Symplectic User Conference at Duke University on September 13 and 14?  If you would like to get together around that event to learn more about VIVO at Duke University, members of the Scholars@Duke team are available to meet before or after the event.

We could meet Monday, 9/12 from 3 – 5 pm (or later if needed) or on Thursday, 9/15 from 8 – 12 

Potential topics include:

• Introduction to VIVO

• Strategies for implementing VIVO

• Anything related to Scholars@Duke

• Policies and outreach

If you would like to meet, please email Julia Trimmer at and to let her know when you could meet and what in particular you’d like to learn about or discuss. If there’s enough interest, we will schedule a larger group meeting.