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Open Access Week 2010 Package

In celebration of SPARC Open Access Week, DuraSpace is pleased to offer the following package of resources to enable and encourage the use of open technologies that support awareness and understanding of open access to knowledge.


These 8 1/2" x 14" downloadable and printable open technologies spec sheets for DSpace Repository Software and Fedora Commons Repository Software are easy-to-use evaluation tools that will help you compare DuraSpace open technology features with requirements for storage, management, preservation, and dissemination of your digital assets -- at-a-glance. Printed DuraSpace open technologies spec sheets are also convenient hand-outs for informational meetings and events. Please feel free to contact us with additional questions.

  • DSpace Repository Software Open Technologies Spec Sheet -- [view] [download PDF]
  • Fedora Commons Repository Software Open Technologies Spec Sheet -- [view] [download PDF]


DuraSpace web seminars provide updates and overviews of the entire suite of DuraSpace open technologies. They provide a live forum for keeping in touch with DuraSpace open source technology developments from your office or while you are on the road. You may listen to recent webcasts at your convenience:

  • What's New in Fedora 3.3 and DSpace 1.6

Find out about what’s new in Fedora 3.3 and DSpace 1.6 with Chris Wilper, DuraSpace Lead Developer for Fedora and Tim Donohue, DuraSpace Lead Developer for DSpace. Fedora 3.3 features include support for relationships among datastreams within digital objects, including API methods for manipulating relationships and indexing, integration of the Fedora Enhanced Security Layer (FESL), a new community-developed module to support a wider range of authentication methods, improvements to the Fedora REST API, support for retrieving content using a File URI scheme during ingest, support for Microsoft SQL Server, support for Mulgara to 2.1.4, proving a significant performance boost, upgrade of bundled Tomcat to version 6 and support for HTTP Proxy server for getting external content. DSpace 1.6 community-requested features include an enhanced statistics package, an embargo facility so items can be kept dark for a period of time, authority control lists, the ability to delegate community administration so you can assign management permissions to others to manage at a community/sub-community/collection, improved documentation and more. -- March 17, 2010

  • Recording


  • DSpace 1.6 Usage Statistics: How Does it Work?

Ben Bosman, CTO @mire reviews the open source version of the "Content and Usage Analysis" DSpace module released with DSpace 1.6. The DSpace 1.6 statistics solution offers logging of usage data including bitstream downloads, item display page visits, and collection and community homepage visits. This presentation dives into the implementation details of this new statistics solution by outlining the storage of the statistics data; various potential usage scenarios of the different statistics, and some of the opportunities for improving the statistics in future DSpace releases or customizing local requirements. -- September 22, 2010

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  • DuraSpace Open Integration Architecture: A Pathway to Interoperation

Brad McLean, DuraSpace CTO, provides an update on DuraSpace’s technology strategy including a high level overview of each of DuraSpace’s three major open source preservation platforms: DSpace, a turnkey institutional repository; DuraCloud, preservation support over cloud computing platforms; and Fedora, a framework and toolkit for building digital repositories. This presentation outlines a proposed pathway to interoperation of all three technologies with reviews of updated project roadmaps along with integration and migration plans. -- September 28, 2010

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