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2nd European Workshop on the Use of Digital Object Repository Systems in Digital Libraries (DORSDL2)

Aarhus, Denmark DORSDL2 will be held on September 18, 2008, in Aarhus, Denmark. The meeting is being organized in conjunction with the 12th European Conference On Research And Advanced Technology For Digital Libraries.
Digital libraries and digital repositories are–in many ways–two sides of the same coin. This workshop brings together researchers and practitioners from both fields, and aims to transfer knowledge and connect. The target group are primarily repository researchers, developers, and managers. The workshop addresses both experiences and novel concepts with a technological and/or organisational stance.
Issues in the scope of the workshop include:
•Digital object models, behaviors, profiles, and prototypes.
•Relationships between digital objects.
•Interoperability mechanisms - e.g. OAI Object Reuse and Exchange.
•Workflows, cataloging, batch ingestions, versioning, audit trails, etc.
Critical digital library mechanisms.
•Examples of digital object repository systems at work in digital libraries.
•Requirements, models and support for curation and preservation of digital objects.
•Storage layer (e.g. SAN, grid integration).
•Evaluations and comparisons of digital object repository systems with respect to extensibility, flexibility, scalability, preservation, etc.
Digital repository systems and/or digital library systems of interest include:
•FEDORA, Flexible Extensible Digital Object Repository Architecture
•DSpace, Open Source Digital Repository System
•EPrints, Eprints Open Access Repository
• aDORe, A Modular, Standards-Based Digital Object Repository
Note that the above lists should not be considered restrictive. The final program will reflect the most interesting issues for this community.
The workshop aims to cover a variety of practical digital library development issues and how their resolution can (or cannot) be carried out in the context of the digital object repository at hand.
This workshop proposal is related to a workshop at ECDL 2006: Digital Object Repository Systems in Digital Libraries, Alicante, Spain. Issues that have more emphasis in 2008:
•Digital Object Repository Interoperability
•Digital Object relationships
•The storage layer
•Access control in the access layer
Submission of Extended Abstracts
Authors are invited to submit extended abstracts, which should be written in English and prepared according to the Springer LNCS format guidelines (2 pages maximum). Authors are invited to send their manuscripts in PDF format as attachments by email to the DORSDL2 Program Committee by 30 April. Acceptance notification date is 23 May. Please, note that the submission implies the willingness of at least one of the manuscript authors to register and present the paper. Accepted contributions will be published on the workshop’s web site.
Important Dates
30 April: Abstract submission deadline
23 May: Notification date
31 July: Early registration deadline
18 September: Workshop