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Fedora Day Plenary Lectures at OR08

Ithaca, NY Neil Beagrie, a leading expert on digital preservation and curation with an international reputation across the archive, library, science and research sectors in the long-term management of digital assets, will join Sandy Payette, Executive Director, and Eddie Shin, Senior Software Developer, Fedora Commons, in delivering plenary lectures at “Fedora Day”—the Fedora User Group Meeting—at OR08NSDL Annotation in Southampton on April 3, 2008.
Payette and Shin will present an overview of Fedora Commons organizational and technical
progress. Beagrie will reflect on current digital preservation trends, review Fedora’s history in support of long-term durability of digital content, and provide repository developers and managers with suggestions for effective digital preservation strategies.
Neil Beagrie has played a major role in digital preservation for several organizations including founding the Digital Preservation Coalition and overseeing development of the UK Digital Curation Centre: he was also the international consultant to the U.S. National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation ProgramNSDL Annotation (NDIIPP). His career has spanned a range of senior information management roles at the British Library, the JISC, the Arts and Humanities Data Service, and the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England.