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Summertime Fedora Commons Community Meetings and Events

Ithaca, NY Fedora users are planning meetings and events in Canada and Europe throughout the summer and early fall. Take a look at upcoming opportunities to share ideas and information. Contact organizers for information about how to participate.
• Dutch Fedora Users will meet on June 19. Contact Lodewijk Bogaards <>.
• Scandanavian Fedora Users will meet on June 24-25. Contact Eva Müller <>.
• UK & Ireland Fedora Users will meet on July 8. Contact Richard Green <> or Chris Awre <>.
The Red Island Repository Institute will be held on Prince Edward Island August 11-15, 2008. This 1-week hands-on workshop will be led by Sandy Payette, Fedora Commons Executive Director; Richard Green, Manager, RIDIR, REMAP and RepoMMan Projects, e-SIG, Academic Services, University of Hull, and; Matt Zumwalt, MediaShelf. Contact Mark Leggott <>.
• A Fedora EU inaugural event is planned for Sept. 19 in coordination with the 12th European Conference on Digital Libraries (ECDL) to be held in Aarhus, Denmark. Event details will be available soon.
Contact David Flanders <>.