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Mulgara 2.1.4 Release Now Available

Ithaca, NY, Boston, MA Mulgara, a scalable RDF database written entirely in Java, version 2.1.4 can be downloaded from: This version now allows users to configure Mulgara to load up any XPathFunctionResolver class and use the functions it provides within SPARQL queries. By default, Mulgara is now including the EXSLT functions, along with several custom functions.
Several significant bugfixes have also been included:
• XML and JSON results are now correctly encoded with UTF-8.
• Graph URIs are no longer canonicalized if they are not in the RMI scheme.
• Improved query planning for some queries. Mulgara’s queries are
still DISTINCT only, so the speed improvements associate with this
change will not appear until 2.1.5.
• Fixed handling of graphs accessed through HTTPS, particularly on Mac.
For the full list of updates, please see the release notes and documentation for details:
• Release notes:
• Documentation:
The bug fixes in this release mostly occurred due to your requests. Thanks for your contributions, and please send your feedback. You can get in touch on the mailing lists, or submit a report to the bug tracker:
Mulgara is part of the DuraSpace (  group of open technology projects characterized by thriving consensus-driven, developer communitites that strive to produce high quality products that ensure sophisticated access and management of long-term durable digital information.