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AVAILABLE: One Million British Library Images

Winchester, MA
 The importance of "provenance" metadata (data about data) stored along with digital images was recently made clear by the British Library's generous upload of more than one million historic images to flickr. Ben O'Steen, Ben O'Steen Research, is a consultant to the British library and hopes that the public will find new ways to use and re-use these images. In many cases publication information is available about the images, but little context such as why the image appeared when and where it did along with other details. The library plans to launch a crowdsourced application that will allow users to add information about the images.

British Library flickr photo stream:

The images were selected from pages of 17th, 18th and 19th century books digitized by Microsoft by the British Library Labs "Mechanical Curator." Read more about the images in these articles:

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