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NOW AVAILABLE: Avalon 2.0–Enables Pilot Implementations at Partner Institutions

From Brianna Marshall, Scientific Data Curation Assistant, IU Libraries

Indianapolis, IN  Release 2.0 of the Avalon Media System, an open source system for managing large collections of digital audio and video files, is now available. One goal of this release is to enable successful pilot implementations at partner institutions.

Give Avalon 2.0 a try it or download it:

The release includes the following features:

• New hierarchical permissions model supports a flexible approach to collections-based content management.
• Collections can have default access controls.
• Collections can more easily be shared with defined groups.
• New media player is more usable and supports more platforms.
• An about page shows the system health and supports automated system monitoring.
• Staff can create custom thumbnails for video content by taking a "snapshot" during playback or by specifying a timepoint.
• Tools are provided for migration of content and user groups from Avalon 1.0 to 2.0.

There are several options for exploring the Avalon 2.0 release. You can try it out on our public test server. You can also download and install a preconfigured Avalon virtual machine image, perform a step-by-step installation, or find out how to download our source code from Github.

If you plan to try out or download the newest version of Avalon and haven't already done so, please sign up for our email list, to get technical support or provide feedback. If you are not yet signed up for our main announcement email list, please sign up for avalon-l.