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NOW AVAILABLE: Mirage 2 for DSpace 3 and 4

From Bram Luyten, @mire

Belgium, Heverlee  @mire is proud to announce the first public beta release for Mirage 2. Backed by an enthusiastic community of early adopters, this release represents an important milestone in the development of the theme.

Mirage 2 offers a new user experience for the DSpace XMLUI. The theme is built on modern web technologies including Bootstrap, SASS/Compass and Grunt. The result is a fresh look, improved support for mobile and tablet devices and a range of optimizations behind the scenes.

The customization potential that comes with Mirage 2 is illustrated below. On the left you can see what Mirage 2 looks like when it almost exclusively relies on standard Bootstrap CSS definitions. The screenshot on the right shows how Mirage 2 can be customized. In this particular example, the colour scheme was aligned with the traditional Mirage look.

The current Mirage 2 release status is beta. The theme has yet to be finalized and contributed prior to becoming part of the official DSpace code distribution. The current interface of the World Bank Open Knowledge Repository served as the basis of Mirage 2. Several members of the Mirage 2 early adopter community are preparing their own production roll-outs of Mirage 2 based interfaces.

Download Mirage 2 Beta 1