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Open Repository Welcomes First South American Institutional Repository Client

From James Evans, Product Manager-Open Repository, BioMed Central

London, UK  Open Repository builds, hosts and customizes DSpace repositories for institutions, enabling the institution to focus on managing and developing content within their repository. Through Open Repository and Open Repository Lite, clients can choose a package to suit their needs. Open Repository offers clients the full services required to successfully run a repository, while Open Repository Lite offers is aimed at clients from emerging and developing countries, requiring a simple install at a cost effective price.

Earlier this year, Open Repository welcomed its first South American repository client, the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), who launched their repository, DELFOS, in March. UPC decided that Open Repository was the perfect service to fulfil the open access requirements for their Institute. UPC needed a provider that could fully manage their repository, while giving them the technical support to manage their own content. UPC is a private and independent educational institution, opened in 1994, whose aim is to educate, carry out research and promote knowledge, culture and development in Peru. Its mission is to produce innovative leaders with the integrity and vision to transform Peru.

Visit the repository here and download the case study here