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Penn State University Information Technology Services Join the Fedora Futures Project as Platinum Sponsor

Winchester, MA  The Fedora Futures team is very pleased to extend a warm welcome to Penn State University. Penn State is one of several institutions who are answering the a call for serious community re-investment in Fedora, "our core digital asset management and preservation service".

The fast-moving Fedora Futures initiative was started by members of the Fedora community to preserve the strengths of the Fedora architecture and community, address the need for robust and full-featured repository services, and to provide a successful platform for the next 5-10 years. Read more on the Fedora Futures blog:

"Penn State is very pleased to contribute to the Fedora Futures initiative. Fedora is integral to our repository services architecture here and we look forward to working with the Fedora community to ensure its sustainability," said Mairéad Martin, Senior Director, Information Technology Services. 

The DuraSpace and the Fedora Futures Steering Group are seeking "platinum" sponsors to raise the level of support for Fedora to $500,000 a year for three years to catalyze the development of Fedora 4. 

About Fedora

Fedora is an open source project that provides a flexible, extensible and durable digital object management services. First released in 2004, it has hundreds of adopters worldwide, with deep roots in the research, scientific, intellectual and cultural heritage communities. See for more information. It is supported by its community of users, and stewarded by DuraSpace. The Fedora Futures Steering Committee is looking for project sponsors and in-kind contributions of developer time to meet project goals over the next three years. If you are interested in finding out about how to get involved please contact Jonathan Markow at

About DuraSpace

DuraSpace ( is an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization providing leadership and innovation for open technologies that promote durable, persistent access to digital data. We collaborate with academic, scientific, cultural, and technology communities by supporting projects and creating services to help ensure that current and future generations have access to our collective digital heritage. Our values are expressed in our organizational byline, "Committed to our digital future."

DuraSpace supported open technology projects provide long-term, durable access to and discovery of digital assets. DSpace and Fedora are two of the most widely-used repository solutions in the world with more than fifteen hundred institutions that use and help develop these open source software repository platforms.

DuraSpace also provides innovative solutions to meet today’s access and preservation challenges with subscription services that include DuraCloud (, an easy and cost effective way to archive, share and manage content in the cloud, and DSpaceDirect (, a low-cost, hosted repository service due to launch in the summer of 2013.