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Picture Fedora 4

Winchester, MA
 The release of Fedora 4 will be the culmination of a dynamic community initiative to refresh Fedora's proven repository architecture for the next decade. This poster was created by Tom Cramer, Stanford University Libraries, for the Aligning National Approaches to Digital Preservation (ANADP) II Action Assembly being held Novemeber 18-20 in Barcelona, Spain. 

The image highlights both technical and community advances in the fast-paced Fedora 4 project: "Refreshing a Proven Architecure; Reinvigorating a Community." 

Please contact Andrew Woods, or the Fedora Steering Committee if you are able to commit developer resources to ongoing, Fedora 4 development. A commitment of at least .5 FTE entitles an organization to representation on the Fedora Advisory Group.