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PRESENTATIONS AVAILABLE: 2013 ARL Membership Meeting and Fall Forum

Winchester, MA  Washington was wet, gray and shutdown quiet as the 2013 ARL Membership Meeting and Fall Forum got underway last month. Key agenda topics included presentations of perspectives on the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), the Association of American Universities (AAU), and the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) “SHared Access Research Ecosystem (SHARE)" initiative. Collaboration at scale is at the heart of SHARE as a tactical response to providing public access to the intellectual assets of higher education. Nearly 200 university library deans, provosts and finance directors were in attendance to discuss how to work together to capture and utilize the majority of U.S. research that is generated by ARL, AAU and APLU.

Speakers’ slides are available here:

Higher education is facing an unprecedented combination of financial pressures, unfunded mandates, demand for access to educational resources as MOOCs force a restructuring of economic models, and an increasing downward pressure on tuition. Balancing budgets while continuing to innovate is a recurring challenge as the traditional paradigm continues to shift.

Rick Luce, Dean, University Libraries, University of Oklahoma outlined the proposed SHARE stack that is designed to address building infrastructure that will scale across institutions, comply with the Office of Science and Technology Policy memorandum, and provide data management tools and workflows.

Higher education has the opportunity to distinguish itself as a community bound together by discovery based on access to and preservation of the scholarly results of the research enterprise. The SHARE focus on collaboration at scale offers institutions a way to leverage the network for local advantage.