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PREVIEW: DuraSpace Sponsorship Campaign 2013

Winchester, MA  The DuraSpace Sponsorship Campaign will kick-off on May 7, 2013 to raise funds for the DSpace and Fedora projects. The annual campaign supports the continued advancement of DSpace and Fedora open source software which is available free of charge. This year DuraSpace sponsors may chose to designate funds for either DSpace or Fedora, or to support DuraSpace generally.

Be on the lookout for more information about how to participate next week. If you have any questions please feel free to email Michele Kimpton at or Valorie Hollister at

Looking into the Future of Fedora and DSpace

A new Platinum category of sponsorship has been added for members of the community who are DuraSpace Sponsors and want to contribute directly to the Fedora Futures (Fedora Futures blog) project.  Platinum sponsors receive all the benefits of becoming a Gold Sponsor and in addition are represented on the Fedora Advisory Board. 

This community initiative began in late 2012 (read more here) and now has nine founding sponsors who are providing funds, developers, and oversight to make significant improvements to the Fedora platform over the next three years. Other DuraSpace Sponsors have joined the effort to offer similar support and form an Advisory Board that will influence the ongoing direction of the work.

A similar DSpace community initiative is underway following the March 2013 DuraSpace Summit meeting. A group of institutional library managers will create the first draft of a vision and high-level roadmap statement to inform the future direction of the DSpace project. At the same time a group of DSpace sponsors will work on plans for improving governance and funding.

Please contact Jonathan Markow at for about participating in Fedora Futures or DSpace Futures.