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Hot Topics: The DuraSpace Community Webinar Series

This series of three, one-hour web seminars are presented four times each year and are curated by community experts to provide a forum on current topics of interest to global digital preservation and access communities.
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DuraSpace Solutions

These one-hour overview web seminars are deep dives into DuraSpace programs, innovative technology advances, products and open source software releases organized and presented by DuraSpace staff members.
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E-Science Institute

The E-Science Institute is designed to help academic and research libraries develop a strategic agenda for e-research support, with a particular focus on the sciences.
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Past Web Seminars and Events

Web seminar topics range from hands-on how-to workshops, to technology updates,  community highlights and trends.  

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Online Working Sessions

One-hour Q and A-type online sessions are highly interactive and offer attendees current information about innovations in DuraSpace technologies -- DSpace, Fedora, and DuraCloud. Online working sessions such as the DuraCloud Brown Bag series include demonstrations of how to use software and services as well as in-depth information about participation in community programs.

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