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Below is a list of repository instances for DSpace, DuraCloud, Fedora, and VIVO. Please click here to register your repository.

Institution/Company Repository technology Country Type of Institution Site
Akitz Freelancing DSpace Romania personal
Angie Ltd DSpace Uganda personal
ASH Library DSpace Malaysia personal
dai hoc quoc gia ha noi DSpace Vietnam personal
Gaur Educational Forum DSpace India personal
IDICTTT DSpace Cuba personal
Instituto Antonio Carlos Jobim DSpace Brazil personal
Pikalaina DSpace Finland personal
Purushottam Institute of Engineering & Technology DSpace India personal
Universidad Nacional Experimental Sur del Lago DSpace Venezuela personal
Centroy DSpace United States personal
Tuputamadere DSpace France personal
Prasad DSpace India personal
ArtE2-3D DSpace United Arab Emirates personal
Archivologia-CBA DSpace Argentina personal
SLYT DSpace Argentina personal
Home DSpace Vietnam personal
The Deuters DSpace India personal
KIIT University DSpace India personal
teachers educational forum DSpace India personal