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REPORT AVAILABLE: U.S. CODATA and Board on Research Data and Information–Data Citation Policies and Practices

From Paul F. Uhlir, Director, Board on Research Data and Information

Washington, DC  The U.S. CODATA and the Board on Research Data and Information (BRDI) is pleased to announce the publication of a new report: Out of Cite, Out of Mind: The Current State of Practice, Policy, and Technology for the Citation of Data. The report was authored by the CODATA-ICSTI Task Group on Data Citation Standards and Practices and edited by Yvonne M. Socha. The project was directed by the staff of the US CODATA/BRDI.

The report was published by the CODATA Data Science Journal on September 13, 2013 and is available freely and openly online at: The document is available electronically only and was not published in print form.

The report discusses the current state of data citation policies and practices, its supporting infrastructure, a set of guiding principles for implementing data citation, challenges to implementation of good data citation practices, and open research questions. This is the second report on data citation issues that has been published by the collaboration of the CODATA-ICSTI Task Group and the US CODATA/BRDI. The first report, For Attribution-Developing Data Attribution and Citation Practices and Standards (2012), is freely and openly available from the National Academies Press online at:

We are especially grateful to the volunteers who participated in the CODATA-ICSTI Task Group and the reviewers of the report, as well to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, CODATA, and Microsoft Research for their financial support of this activity.

Questions or comments about the report and the project are welcome and may be directed to Paul F. Uhlir at