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Report: VIVO 2013 Conference

Winchester, MA
 The VIVO 2013 Conference was held last month in St. Louis providing sponsors, speakers, partners and participants opportunities to share VIVO ideas and best practices. Over the course of the three-day conference more than 850 tweets about speakers and content were shared with a wide audience of followers from around the world. 

Collected conference materials: 

Summary of conference highlights:

VIVO is a semantic, web-based research and researcher discovery tool–"people plus the research they do"–that serves both external and internal institutional audiences. Through publicly visible VIVO "windows on research" scholars, research communities, campuses and countries can see and interact with an interconnected web of relevant information using linked open data. 

Conference goers were offered a look at "VIVO in action" by Nick Benik. His real-time semantic networking experiment provided attendees with a way to track and view contacts made at the conference:

The VIVO 2014 Conference will be held August 6-8 in Austin, Texas. Find out how to participate in the VIVO community here: VIVO sponsorship information is available here: