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Ithaca, NY The Fedora committer team has announced the release of Fedora 3.4.2.

This is a bugfix release that addresses several memory and stability issues with the core repository service.

Many thanks to those in the community who contributed to this release; particularly Janna Wemekamp (FCREPO-774 and FCREPO-823), Jörg Panzer (FCREPO-774), Nigel Thomas (FCREPO-846) and Mark Roy (FCREPO-820). Your help in identifying bugs, submitting patches, and road-testing fixes is very much appreciated.

Submitted by Carol Minton Morris on 2011-01-27 12:39

Ithaca, NY On January 18th the Washington, D.C. Area Fedora Users Meeting was held at the National Museum of the American Indian, hosted by the Smithsonian Institution. Despite icy conditions, about 25 participants attended the all-day meeting. Thornton Staples, Director of Research and Scientific Data Management, Office of the CIO, Smithsonian Institution led the meeting.

Following introductions and a welcome from Thorton Staples presentations about Fedora-related projects–anywhere from pilot phase to mature, production installations–were offered.

Submitted by Carol Minton Morris on 2011-01-20 13:45

Santa Cruz, CA The west coast based Armada Group focuses on understanding and taking advantage of cloud computing, virtualization, SOA and web services to provide optimal, cost effective, scalable services for their customers. A recent whitepaper by Haresh Parekh and Vasa Dasan gives an overview of hybrid enterprise-open source cloud-based solutions that are making technical and business model innovations possible for industry and professional service providers.

You may read an overview or download the whitepaper here:

Submitted by Carol Minton Morris on 2011-01-19 13:17

From Giuseppina Vullo, Preservation Research Fellow,

London, UK A few places are still available for the Workshop on “Digital Libraries and Open Access. Interoperability strategies”, organised by the European project (Digital Library Interoperability, Best Practices and Modeling Foundations). The Workshop takes place at the British Academy in London (UK), February 4, 2011.

Submitted by Carol Minton Morris on 2011-01-18 14:54

Ithaca, NY In introducing the Digital Preservation Pioneers feature the Library of Congress's Digital Preservation Program notes that the program itself has only been around since 2000 when stewards of our nations cultural and scientific heritage became aware that the scholarly enterprise was moving towards being all digital, all the time. Who would ensure that our collective scholarly record would be available for future generations?

Submitted by Carol Minton Morris on 2011-01-18 13:19

Ithaca, NY Please join Peter Dietz, DSpace 1.7 release coordinator, for a web seminar on January 27 at  at 11:00 am Eastern for “What's new in DSpace 1.7.”

In this one hour web seminar, Peter will provide an overview of 1.7, highlighting the new features and improvements included in the lastest DSpace release and how they could benefit your institution. His presentation will include highlights about:

Submitted by Carol Minton Morris on 2011-01-18 12:18

Ithaca, NY In 2009, the Central Connecticut State University Library decided to use Amazon S3 for digital preservation storage despite some drawbacks. The library has developed a system, ERIS Digital Archive, to manage all digital preservation processes and to make the system as compliant with the OAIS model and "Trustworthy Digital Repositories" as possible.

Submitted by csmith on 2011-01-17 12:36