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Ithaca, NY Steve Bayliss, Fedora 3.4 release manager, has announced that scheduling and planning for the next minor release of Fedora, version 3.4, is currently underway and reminds the community that their participation and feedback are vital to ensure that Fedora continues to meet the needs and objectives of its users. A beta version of Fedora 3.4 is scheduled for release in time for the Fifth International Open Repositories Conference that will be held 2010 in early July in Madrid.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2010-04-26 16:49

Ithaca, NY The Irish Virtual Research Library and Archive Project (IVRLA, is an Irish government funded project based in University College Dublin. The Project is a component of the research program of the Humanities Institute of Ireland (UCD HII, Its aims are to support leading-edge research by enabling access to digitized content, and to undertake direct research on digitization and digital repositories.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2010-04-23 15:09

Ithaca, NY Like any marvelous, rare and sometimes surprising museum artifact or exhibit, certain online resources can stop you in your tracks, make your heart beat faster, and cause a slow smile to spread as you gape at a flickering screen that displays something you had never known about or considered before. Most of us have had this kind of exciting online experience that causes time to stand still as you dive deeper through links and related information to find all all there is to know about our  digital discoveries.

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Ithaca, NY On April 7, 2010 Ithaka S+R, part of the Ithaka organization ( develops sustainable business models and conducts research and analysis on the impact of digital media on the academic community, released a report that examines faculty attitudes and behaviors on key library-related issues ranging from the library as information gateway and the need for preservatio

Submitted by Anonymous on 2010-04-20 13:55

Ithaca, NY Issues and challenges around how institutions will manage, sustain and create access to increasing amounts of scientific and humanities data will be subject of the upcoming 8th International Meeting that will be held at the Barcelo Carlton Hotel, Edinburgh on 1-2 July 2010. “Managing Data in Difficult Times” will examine policies, strategies, technologies and infrastructure to manage research and teaching data in a fast changing technological and economic environment.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2010-04-20 13:09

Ithaca, NY In February the DuraSpace organization hosted a meeting in London co-sponsored by JISC, BDL (Indiana), and CLIR which was attended by representatives from the California Digital Library (CDL), DSpace, DuraCloud, Fedora, Sakai, SWORD, and OJS projects.  This rapid fire, one day cross-project coordination meeting w

Submitted by Anonymous on 2010-04-08 11:55

By Valorie Hollister, DuraSpace Director of Community Development and DSpace Project
Ithaca, NY The DSpace team has announced that the DSpace wiki migration from MediaWiki to Confluence is complete.
The new wiki on Confluence is now available for the community to use at: The old wiki on MediaWiki is still available in “read only” status at:

Submitted by Anonymous on 2010-04-08 10:48

Ithaca, NY Having been in and around a few archaeological “digs,” and experienced the painstaking amount of effort that goes into documenting bits and pieces of objects uncovered “in situ” it was a pleasure to browse data from the Fedora-powered Archaeology Data Service (ADS):

Submitted by Anonymous on 2010-04-05 11:26