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Welcoming DSpace 4.0: Cineca’s Contribution

From Michele Mennielli, Cineca

Bologna, Italy  Cineca has been closely involved with the development of key DSpace 4.0 features including quality assurance and coordination for the latest version 4.0, and participation on the DSpace Release Team. From the Consortium's point of view, DSpace 4.0 is one of the most significant releases in the last few years.

Cineca has already started migrating its customizations and infrastructure to DSpace 4.0 in order to allow all Italian Universities to adopt the new software by 2014. So, welcome DSpace 4.0!

During the conference “Use Science: Open Infrastructure to Foster Collaboration between Industry and Academia” hosted by the Riga Technical University (November 28-29, 2013), the Consortium had the opportunity to present information about DSpace-CRIS. Considering the interest in the presentation and in the the software, Cineca’s team is now working hard to release a new version of DSpace-CRIS based on DSpace 4.0.