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Work-in-progress: Spin Up a Temporary Virtual Machine with Vagrant + DSpace

Winchester, MA  Vagrant can be used to spin up a temporary Virtual Machine (VM) in about 10-15minutes in a variety of providers (VirtualBox, VMWare, Amazon AWS, etc).

'Vagrant-dspace' uses Vagrant–a tool that creates/destroys VMs–and Puppet to auto-install latest DSpace on the VM provider of your choice (so far primarily tested with VirtualBox). Currently, it's only usable as a testing/demo of DSpace (not for production). It makes installing DSpace for testing/demos a simple process that is entirely automated.

More information:

Some example use cases for 'vagrant-dspace':

• Lets you easily install the latest version of DSpace on a Virtual Machine in order to try it out or test upgrades, etc.

• Lets you easily setup an offline/local copy of DSpace for demos at conferences or similar.

• Lets you quickly setup a DSpace development environment on a Virtual Machine. You'd need to install your IDE of choice, but besides that, everything else is installed for you.

• Vagrant VMs are "throwaway". Can easily destroy the VM and recreate at will for testing purposes or as needs arise (e.g. vagrant destroy; vagrant up)

• This work began as a collaborative project between Tim Donohue and Hardy Pottinger, but has now been more broadly accepted.