Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Server
  3. Client
  4. Data
  5. Docs
  1. Introduction

    All of the directories named below are relative to FEDORA_HOME.

    server - Contains the server configuration, command-line utilities, and policy files.
    client - Contains the client classes, libraries, and utilities.
    data - The default parent directory for object_store_base, datastream_store_base, and XACML policies.
    docs - Contains the licenses, javadocs, and Fedora documentation.
    mckoi1.0.3 - If the included McKoi database was chosen during the installation (i.e. either a "quick" install or the "included" database was selected as part of a custom install, this will contain the configuration and data for the embedded McKoi instance.
    tomcat - If the "quick" option was selected during the installation, this will contain an installation of Tomcat 5.5.23.
  2. Server

    server/access - Stylesheets for the default dissemination service. All objects in the repository automatically subscribe to this service through the system default content model. This service provides operations for listing and retrieving the components of the object.
    server/bin - Contains server command-line utilities, including fedora-rebuild, fedora-reload-policies, and validate-policy.
    server/config - Contains the server configuration files, including fedora.fcfg, fedora-users.xml, and
    server/logs - Contains the server log files.
    server/schematron - Files supporting the validation of serialized digital objects.
    server/xsd - W3 XML schemas, for reference and validation support.
  3. Client

    client/bin - Contains client command-line utilities, including fedora-admin, fedora-convert-demos, fedora-ingest-demos and various batch utilities.
    client/demo - Contains sample digital objects that can be used as examples.
    client/fedora-client.jar - Contains the classes necessary to run the client applications.
    client/log4j.xml - Log4J configuration file for client applications.
  4. Data

    data/objects - The default root directory (defined in fedora.fcfg) for the internal storage of Fedora objects.
    data/datastreams - The default root directory (defined in fedora.fcfg) for the internal storage of Managed Content datastreams.
    data/fedora-xacml-policies/repository-policies - The default directory (defined in fedora.fcfg) for repository-wide XACML policies.
  5. Docs

    docs/license - Contains license documentation for Fedora and third-party licenses and attributions.
    docs/javadocs - Javadoc API documentation for Fedora.
    docs/userdocs - End-user documentation and tutorials.