Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Client Syntax
  3. WSDL


The Fedora API-M-Lite interface is implemented as an HTTP service that provides a simple URI-oriented definition for the Management service of a Fedora repository. It is intended to support a REST-like style of access to the Fedora Management web service (in contrast to a traditional SOAP web service definition). This means that we define a simple URL syntax that can be used to issue management service requests. API-M-LITE does not provide service bindings for all of the operations defined in Fedora's full Management service (API-M). Currently, API-M-LITE only provides bindings for the method listed below. Additional methods will be implemented for API-M-Lite in future releases of Fedora.

For more information on the method definitions, refer to the API descriptions located at

Client Syntax

getNextPID syntax:

http://hostname:port/fedora/management/getNextPID? [numPIDs=NUMPIDS&] [namespace=NAMESPACE&] [xml=BOOLEAN&]
This syntax requests a list of the next available PIDs. The result is returned as a MIME-typed stream. Items enclosed in square brackets are optional.


Generate a single PID using the default namespace configured in the fedora.fcfg file and return the results as HTML:

Generate five PIDs using the default namespace configured in the fedora.fcfg file and return the results as HTML:

Generate 5 PIDs using a namespace value of "my-namespace" and return the results as HTML:

Generate 5 PIDs using the namespace value of "my-namespace" and return the results as XML:

upload syntax:


This syntax requests an upload of a file to the Fedora server. The result is a temporary plain text URI which can be used to reference the uploaded file within subsequent API-M method calls, in which case Fedora will resolve the URI to the uploade file.

An upload request must use HTTP POST for submission.

The uploaded file will only be available on the server for a short time, the default timeout being five minutes. You can set a higher value by adding the "uploadStorageMinutes" parameter to your fedora.fcfg. This parameter goes in the Management module's configuration section, and specifies the number of minutes after which uploaded content will be automatically deleted if not used.


To perform an upload using an HTML form:

<form method="post" action="http://localhost:8080/fedora/management/upload" enctype="multipart/form-data">
   File to upload: <input type="file" name="file" size="50">
   <input type="submit">


  1. Offline For reference, an offline copy of the API-M-LITE WSDL is available here.
  2. Online When running your own Fedora server, an online copy of the API-M-LITE WSDL will be made publicly available at /wsdl?api=API-M-LITE. For example: http://localhost:8080/fedora/wsdl?api=API-M-LITE