Fedora™ Distribution Structure

Software Release 1.2.1

Fedora™ Development Team

$Id: diststruct.dbx,v 1.10 2004/04/16 12:57:45 rlw Exp $

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Directory Structure

Directory Structure

The application's base directory contains several entries you should be aware of.

Key directories:

  • bin/ - Contains executables for the server and client tools (.bat files for Windows and shell scripts for unix)

  • config/ - Contains the server configuration file, fedora.fcfg.

  • demo/ - Contains sample digital objects that can be used as examples.

  • doc/ - Contains the software documentation.

  • logs/ - Contains the logfiles that the server writes to while it's running.

Besides these key directories, you will notice several others. These are important to the server's operation, but their contents don't need to be understood in order to administer the server.

Other directories:

  • access/ - Stylesheets for the default disseminator. All objects in the repository automatically subscribe to this disseminator, which provides methods for listing and retrieving the components of the object.

  • client/ - The java classes necessary to run the client applications.

  • mckoi094/ - A bundled java-based database that can be used as the underlying RDBMS for the server.

  • pidgen/ - Files supporting the PID generator, the component of the server that provides unique ids for new objects.

  • schematron/ - Files supporting the validation of serialized digital objects.

  • tomcat41/ - The bundled web server, which makes the repository web-accessible.

  • work/ - A temporary directory used by to support various server activities.

  • xsd/ - W3 XML schemas, for reference and validation support.