ArchivesDirect is a hosted service of Archivematica software offered by the DuraSpace not-for-profit organization. ArchivesDirect prepares digital objects for preservation with a variety of OAIS-­based digital curation workflows and provides a flexible framework for normalizing ingested digital objects into durable, preservation-­friendly formats and automatically storing them in cloud-based storage.

ArchivesDirect is the hosted solution for standards-based digital preservation and secure long-term storage.


Get your digital preservation program up and running quickly and cost effectively

You don’t need local servers or system administrators. We’ll manage the software and servers, so you can keep your costs low and concentrate on archiving and preserving your valuable digital content.


Protect your valuable content

ArchivesDirect creates standardized Archival Information Packages (AIPs) which can be downloaded and read independently of the software. In addition, your content will automatically be backed up for you with easy ways for you to download and recover your AIPs. ArchivesDirect comes automatically integrated with DuraCloud, ensuring long-term access to your content.


Access your archived content whenever you want

Your ArchivesDirect account is online and web accessible from the very start. That way you can add content and begin processing immediately, or at a time that is convenient for you.


Archive data easily following open data standards

ArchivesDirect uses open data standards when processing your valuable content and creating AIP packages that include PREMIS and METS metadata.


Give yourself peace of mind

ArchivesDirect uses all open-source software, meaning there is no vendor lock-in for your organization. Therefore, you have complete control of your data and can move your content to your own local servers if you wish to do so with the ability to download and run the software (Archivematica and/or DuraCloud) locally at any time.


Be a part of the worldwide community

Across the globe, many institutions are using open-source Archivematica and DuraCloud software to archive and preserve their valuable digital assets. Join this ever-growing community of users and be a part of the conversation and stewarding our shared cultural heritage.