DSpace Steering Group

Pascal-Nicolas Becker

Pascal is the CEO and founder of The Library Code. He has been working with repository platforms for more than ten years, always supporting and promoting Open Access ideas and Open Source technologies. Pascal has been particularly active in the DSpace Community: a DSpace Committer since 2014, he has been organizing and leading the German DSpace User Group meetings for 5 years now that supported the strengthening of the German speaking DSpace community and lead the creation of the DSpace Konsortium Deutschland. Pascal is also a senior software developer at Technische Universität Berlin and a member of DataCite’s Services and Technology Steering Group.

John Butler

John is the Associate University Librarian for Data & Technology at the University of Minnesota Libraries. Previously, he served as  Director of the Digital Library Development Lab, which produced applications, tools, architecture, and integrations for the online research library. John has played leadership roles in multiple virtual community development projects, digital library and preservation service development, and the hub network of the Digital Public Library of America. Currently, he serves on the Minnesota Digital Library Governance Committee and is a recent past-chair of the HathiTrust Program Steering Committee.

lieven photo
Lieven Droogmans

Lieven is General Manager and founder of Atmire, and a former researcher who worked on digital institutional repositories at the University of Leuven. As a computer science engineer his expertise in digital preservation research and projects at the research coordination office of University of Leuven has helped to make @mire a leader in providing DSpace training and customizations for DSpace users worldwide.

Jyrki Ilva

Jyrki is an Information System Specialist at the National Library of Finland. He is involved with the management of the DSpace-based repository services the National Library is providing for about 50 Finnish organizations. In addition, he has been working on a wide range of other projects and services related to scholarly publishing, research evaluation and cultural heritage.

Agustina Martínez García

Agustina Martínez García is one of the members of the Office of Scholarly Communication, which is part of the Digital Services unit within the University Library. Her role, as the Repository Integration Manager, involves working with a range of information management systems used at the Library, as well as evaluating and integrating the institutional repository and related workflows for data and publication deposits into other systems, such as CRIS systems for research information management.

João Mendes Moreira

João is the Head of Scientific Information at FCT|FCCN (National Funding Agency). In addition to running the national consortium b-on (Online Library of Knowledge) and the PTCRIS program (Portuguese Current Research Information System Management), João is also in charge of the national open access initiative RCAAP (Portuguese Open Access Scientific Repository). RCAAP includes a network of more than 40 Institutional Repositories based on DSpace software.

Susanna Mornati

Susanna Mornati is Head of Operations at 4Science, Italy. As an advocate for Open Science, and an expert in repositories and research information systems, gained in thirty years at the University of Milan, CERN, and many other HE and research institutions through consortia services for ICT, Susanna contributes to the vision of DSpace as the world’s choice for repository open-source software and of 4Science as a qualified partner for institutional projects.

César Olivares

Sub Director for Information and Knowledge Management at CONCYTEC, the Peruvian Council for Science, Technology and Technological Innovation. There he is in charge of managing the national network of open access repositories, which includes more than 170 DSpace installations, and of leading the #PeruCRIS project. He has also contributed to the organization of the Peruvian DSpace User Group, a very active Spanish-speaking DSpace community, and serves as a technical representative for the Peruvian node before LA Referencia.

Maureen Walsh

Maureen Walsh is Associate Professor and Scholarly Sharing Strategist at The Ohio State University Libraries. She heads the Scholarly Sharing Program Area which includes Copyright Services and Publishing and Repository Services. Maureen is also the current Chair of the DSpace Community Advisory Team.