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DSpace 7 brings to DSpace a single, modern user interface and REST API and integrates current technological standards and best practices. This new UI combines with the existing core backend of DSpace 6, resulting in a lean, responsive, next-generation repository.

DSpace 7 is now released!  See Latest Release  for more information.

DSpace 7 Quick Takes

In this brief video, we show the redesigned search experience within DSpace 7. This is a quick look at the new (Angular) UI in DSpace 7.0.

In this quick video, see how to add/create a collection in DSpace 7.

In this quick video, see how to drag and drop in DSpace 7.

In this quick video, see how to export a collection to CSV in DSpace 7.

In this video, see how one can manage withdrawn items in DSpace 7.

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DSpace Selected in SCOSS Third Round of Funding

DSpace 7.1 has been released
We are pleased to announce the release of DSpace 7.1. With the release of DSpace 7.0 earlier in August, we, the community, are committed to provide timely updates to provide new features, security & bug fixes to the 7.x platform. DSpace 7.0 will be released on/by Monday, August 2, 2021!
Under Learn More: The full release announcement & overview can be found in the OR2021 talk “DSpace 7.0 : Coming to a DSpace near You!” Video | Slides DSpace Presentations at Open Repositories 2021
View video recordings and slides from presentations at Open Repositories 2021 including Getting Started with DSpace 7.0, Configurable Entities, OpenAIRE, DSpace-CRIS and more. DSpace 7 Presentations at Open Repositories 2019
View video recordings and slides from presentations at Open Repositories 2019, including an Introduction to DSpace 7 and overview of the REST API, configurable entities, and other new features. DSpace 7 Release Status Notes
Get a full overview of DSpace 7 features, estimated release timeline, and links to the latest technical presentations.

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How to Contribute to DSpace techs and nontechs: https://wiki.lyrasis.org/display/DSPACE/How+to+Contribute+to+DSpace

Contribute to DSpace 7: If you or your institution would like to contribute to this release process, we welcome contributors to the DSpace 7 Working Group. We also welcome developers to simply help us review & test new features/improvements (pull requests) as they are developed.

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