Bugs, Features, and Enhancements

The DSpace community uses JIRA, a feature and issue tracking web application, to track, prioritize and guide its work. In addition to the DSpace platform work, JIRA also allows the community to watch specific issues, receive updates when there are changes, and vote on an issue’s importance. Although there are no guarantees when a specific bug or new feature request will be addressed, the community can build a consensus and visibility on issues captured in JIRA. JIRA also allows developers to create hierarchal tasks, vary privilege levels and create a variety of status reports. All community members are encouraged to create JIRA accounts, comment on issues and participate in the steering process. JIRA participants can also subscribe to feeds, if they are interested in tracking activity.

How to use JIRA

You can view all bugs, features, and improvements associated with any release by going to jira.dspace.org. The “Roadmap” tab/link will give a good overview of issues sorted by their associated release. The “Open Issues” link will allow you to drill down, either by component (E.G. XMLUI), or by release, or by category( feature, bug, improvement) including issues not yet associated with any releases.  You may also use the “Quick Search” box located at the upper right to enter keywords and locate issues.

Once you’ve located an issue of interest, and clicked on it, you will be presented with an overview page for that issue.  Below the description is a tab bar; generally you’ll want the “All” tab, as the others merely filter away sections.

If you create an account and log in, you will see additional options throughout the JIRA. On the overview page you will be able to create new issues.  On the issue status pages, a menu of operations will appear at the left, allowing you to comment, vote, and monitor the status of the issue.

Current Bugs, Improvements and Features