Hosted DSpace

If you’d rather not run DSpace yourself, a variety of hosted options are available for purchase, whether via DuraSpace or via one of our registered service providers.

DSpaceDirect is a low-cost, hosted DSpace service provided by DuraSpace.  It offers the most current features available in the latest release of DSpace, along with a preservation quality backup via DuraCloud. While basic theming/branding of your site is supported, custom features or extensions are not. Pricing and subscription plans are publicly available.

If you are looking for additional control or customization, we recommend hosting through one of our registered service providers.  Unlike DSpaceDirect, most service providers will support and/or provide custom features or extensions specifically tailored to your local needs. Several offer tiered plans, allowing you to start out in a low-cost solution and gradually enhance your system over time.  We recommend shopping around for the hosted solution which best matches up with your local needs and budget.