Software Development

Software Developers

We invite developers to contribute code — from small enhancements to new features — to the DSpace codebase. See the coding guidelines at the project wiki for important information on the process and checklist for submitting code, patches, features, and fixes.

Contributing Code to DSpace

The success of any open-source project lies with the community contributing its collective energy, information, enthusiasm, and effort. There are many ways to contribute to DSpace — not only in writing code. See the wiki for ideas of how you can help further the DSpace project — there’s a role for everyone.

DSpace Development List

Join Discussions among DSpace Developers. The DSpace-Devel listserv is for DSpace developers working on the DSpace platform to share ideas and discuss code changes to the open source platform. Join other developers to shape the evolution of the DSpace software. The DSpace community depends on its members to frame functional requirements and high-level architecture, and to facilitate programming, testing, documentation and to the project.

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Post a message to all the list members by sending email to

Internet Relay Chat

Many DSpace Developers and committers monitor the #dspace channel at  You may join the channel using your irc client.  If you don’t have an irc client, use a web gateway, specifying a user name.

Bug Reports and Enhancement Requests

If you encounter a bug in the software, or would like to request an enhancement to the software, please check our JIRA to see if it’s been already reported. You can customize your Jira views and filters, vote on issues, and add new issues if you create a JIRA account.