About DSpaceDirect

DSpaceDirect is a quick and cost effective hosted DSpace repository service from DuraSpace. DSpaceDirect allows institutions of all sizes to store, organize, and manage their repository content in the cloud. With a DSpaceDirect subscription your organization has a streamlined and out-of-the-box DSpace repository ready preserve and provide access to your content. DSpaceDirect is easily searchable by end users and easily managed by content curators.

About DuraSpace

DuraSpace is the independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit born from a vision to help save our shared scholarly, scientific, and cultural record. We provide digital preservation services in the cloud to build expertise in the digital preservation and access communities.

Our services also include DuraCloud, an easy and cost effective way to archive, share, and manage any content in the cloud. With one click multiple copies are created in the cloud in different locations with several providers all while ensuring the health of the content through DuraCloud’s automated content health checking services.