DSpaceDirect offers the most current features available in the latest stable release of the DSpace open source software, including the following:

Providing Fully Hosted Software

Your DSpaceDirect account comes fully installed and ready to go. The system administration including server set-up, nightly server snapshots, server maintenance, and overall system administration best practices are fully managed on your behalf including free upgrades to the latest stable release of DSpace. You can easily add more storage at any time or migrate to a locally installed DSpace in the future, too.

Organizing and Managing Your Content

DSpaceDirect provides you with the ability to organize your documents in a hierarchical manner. Files or documents can be added to one or more Collections, and Collections can be grouped into larger Communities. Each Collection and Community may have their own logo and custom homepage, allowing you to replicate the structure of your organization within DSpaceDirect. And you can easily batch update all the metadata stored with your content through the easy to use web interface.

Backing Up and Preserving Your Content

Your DSpaceDirect subscription includes integration with DuraCloud, a cloud-based preservation storage service from DuraSpace. That means DSpaceDirect creates an additional backup copy of all your content and then replicates the copy to DuraCloud, where automated content health checks are performed regularly. You can easily retrieve and restore individual files or entire collections that have been accidentally deleted or altered through the DSpaceDirect web interface.

Finding and Searching Your Content

All public content in DSpaceDirect is indexed by Google and other major search engines, helping to drive people to your repository. Your content can be easily referenced as all documents, Collections, and Communities in DSpaceDirect are assigned a permanent, external identifier. Your content can be easily searched, and any search can be filtered and/or sorted to refine the search results. DSpaceDirect also provides options to browse by Collection, Title, Authors, Subjects, or Date. You can jump to a specific item or sort your browse results.

Enabling Open Access to Your Content

With DSpaceDirect, you can easily provide open access to your valuable digital collections. DSpace supports various file formats and mime types, including PDF, Word, JPEG, MPEG, and TIFF files. You can use your DSpaceDirect account to build an open repository to showcase your student and faculty research and publications, to highlight your university’s image archive, and/or to spotlight your organization’s audio/visual materials.

Customizing Your User Access and Workflow(s)

DSpaceDirect has customizable user permissions, content deposit license, and approval workflows. You can easily assign users to specific roles with specific permissions. You may also decide whether to review new deposits to specific Collections, so that individual submissions can be approved, edited, or rejected. As needed, you may choose to allow your users to limit access to specific content.

Branding Your Account

DSpaceDirect customizes the look of your repository while still keeping your site streamlined for easy upgrades. You can choose between two layouts (sample 1, sample 2) add other branding like your logos, favicon, and custom color schemes.

Analyizing Your Usage Statistics

DSpace provides its own internal usage statistics which tracks page views and downloads. If you have a Google Analytics account, you may also choose to add Google Analytics tracking to your DSpaceDirect account at no additional cost.

Accessing Customer Support

To get your repository up and running quickly,  DSpaceDirect includes 10 free support requests per year using our customer support ticketing system. Optional enhanced annual support is also available. Please see the ADD-ON PACKAGES page for more information.

More information about all of the DSpaceDirect features can be found on the subscription plans page.