Because DSpaceDirect is a hosted DSpace open source repository, it can solve various access, management, and preservation challenges. With over 1,500 organizations currently using the DSpace open source software locally in a production or project environment, you will join a vibrant community addressing many issues pertaining to digital content.

The most common use of the DSpace open source software is by academic and research libraries as an open access repository for managing their faculty and student output. There are also many organizations using the software to host and manage subject-based, dataset, or media-based repositories. The list below provides the most popular major use case categories and a link to an example of each.

Please note that this list below is comprised of locally installed versions of DSpace open source software which are not DSpaceDirect accounts. They may be highly customized, but serve to illustrate the various ways in which you could use your DSpaceDirect account to manage, preserve, and provide access to a wide array of digital content and collections.