Spring Arbor University


Spring Arbor University: White Library Digital Repository

Spring Arbor University (SAU) provides students with a quality, small institution Christian educational experience with more than 70 majors and programs. What began as a small elementary and secondary school in the late 1800s has evolved into a top-tier liberal arts university with 50 student activities and organizations, 16 intercollegiate athletic teams, and cross-cultural study abroad opportunities for all students. As part of the Hugh and Edna C White Library, the White Library Digital Repository provides the SAU community with a key opportunity to both contribute to and benefit from open access to scholarship.

“DSpaceDirect has made it possible for smaller academic libraries, like Spring Arbor's White Library, to provide online digital repositories to promote faculty publications and student research.” -- Robbie Bolton, Library Director, White Library, Spring Arbor University

Repository overview

Content in the new DSpaceDirect digital repository is currently sparse, but because the Spring Arbor White Library has provided a venue and planted open access "seeds," lightbulbs have started to go off for some faculty. They have experienced how easy it is to preserve and showcase honors, graduate, and faculty published works with DSpaceDirect. "We had looked into launching a repository but did not have library or central IT staff to support it. The DSpaceDirect service is priced reasonably enough to  allow us to focus our energies on cultivating content rather than on administration," said Bolton. He anticipates repository content to include all faculty and student scholarly output  by the end of the academic year.


The launch of the White Digital Repository based on DSpaceDirect is step one in what Bolton hopes will be a long-term institutional commitment to open scholarship at SAU.

While SAU is using DSpaceDirect as it was designed to be used–"out-of-the-box"–they are refining workflows and techniques around search engine optimization to maximize open access to the White Library Digital Repository as a marketing tool. Ensuring indexing in Google Scholar and having search results list SAU citations are high on the current improvements list.