DPN Sunset FAQ

What happened to DPN?

The board of the Digital Preservation Network has recently announced plans for the dissolution of the DPN organization. We are saddened by this news, and wish the best to each of the DPN staff members who have worked hard to make DPN a success.

While the book may be closing on DPN, the organizations that hosted the storage nodes to support the DPN organization will remain in operation. Each of the nodes utilized by DPN is based at an organization that existed prior to DPN, and each node provides digital preservation services independent of their services to DPN. In fact, each of the nodes were selected to participate in the DPN network due to their proven track record in providing digital preservation services.

Is there any good news?

Yes! The good news is that, even without DPN, there are solid digital preservation options available. Each of the storage nodes that have been part of DPN stand ready to support your needs for preservation now and in the future. If you’ve used DuraCloud Vault, and would like to continue, then the transition to DuraCloud with Chronopolis storage will be a simple one.

Further good news is that the funds your organization has already allocated for yearly DPN membership dues will cover the storage of an even greater volume of content within DuraCloud. This will allow for depositing a broader range of content, including content that needs to be preserved for a shorter time period (perhaps 5 or 10 years, but not 20 years). DuraCloud also provides the option to keep some of your content in storage that remains immediately accessible.

The questions and answers below are offered to help make the transition away from DPN easier, but if you have questions about your account, or just want to talk about your options, please reach out to us at support@duracloud.org. We would be happy to talk you through the transition.

Where is my content stored now?

If you are a current or former DPN member who created snapshots to deposit content into the DPN network via DuraCloud Vault, the content in those snapshots remains securely preserved in Chronopolis with copies in at least two other replicating nodes. The content has not been moved or altered in any way.

What will happen to my content? What are my options?

Your DPN content will remain in preservation storage within Chronopolis until DPN officially shuts down, at which point it will be deleted. You will need to select what you would like done with your content prior to December 31, 2018.

Your options are:
  1. Do nothing: Your content will be deleted from the DPN network. If this is your preference, please let us know, as we want to ensure that this choice is made intentionally.
  2. Request a restore of content: Some or all of your content will be recalled from DPN for storage in another preservation system. There may be a fee required to cover the cost of this data transfer. If you have technical expertise and would like to minimize the transfer fees, let us know, we may be able to arrange an alternative transfer method. Once your content has been restored, you still have the option to transition the content into Chronopolis or AWS for continued preservation support.
  3. Transition to Chronopolis distributed preservation storage through DuraCloud: This is the option that replicates the spirit of DPN most closely. The content you deposited in DPN will be moved to the Chronopolis Network where it will be copied to multiple geographically distributed preservation data centers. You will continue to have access to all deposited content via the same DuraCloud interface you used to deposit DPN content and will be able to create new snapshots as well. Transfer of your DPN content into Chronopolis will be handled for you at no cost. Any workflows you have established to deposit content will continue to function exactly as they did before this transition. This option will require an annual fee (more details on this below).

How long do I have to decide what to do?

You will need to let us know what you would like us to do with your content prior to December 31, 2018.

I want to move the content into Chronopolis preservation storage, what do I do?

You will need to sign a contract with DuraSpace for a DuraCloud Chronopolis subscription. DuraSpace is offering DuraCloud Chronopolis subscriptions with a 25% discount on the subscription fee for the first year for all current and former DPN members. To get started or for more information about this option contact us at support@duracloud.org.

I want you to delete my content, what do I do?

Please let us know this is the approach you have selected by contacting us at support@duracloud.org. Other than this, you will not need to take any further action and your content will be deleted on or after January 1, 2019.

I want to retrieve my content and store it locally, what do I do?

Contact us at support@duracloud.org to discuss your retrieval options. Depending on the retrieval approach, fees may be necessary to cover the transfer costs.

Why do I need to pay to keep the content in storage beyond 2018?

Because the DPN organization is being dissolved, there are no longer funds in place to continue to store member content.

Will my content still be stored for 20 years?

No. Because the DPN organization is being dissolved, there are no funds in place to cover content storage in DPN. However, if your organization has been a DPN member (i.e. paying the $20,000/year DPN membership fee), the funds which would have been used to pay yearly DPN membership dues can be reallocated to support an alternative preservation strategy.

If I choose to store the content in Chronopolis, where will it be stored?

Chronopolis is a geographically distributed preservation network. All data in the network are replicated among three geographically dispersed partner sites. This geographic distribution ensures that no single catastrophic event will affect the content. Chronopolis comprises several partner organizations:

How is Chronopolis different from DPN?

For nearly 15 years, Chronopolis has been a digital preservation program for the preservation of long-lived digital data collections. Like DPN, Chronopolis offers long term preservation storage in a geographically distributed preservation network. Chronopolis has been one node of the DPN network since the organization began. Like DPN, content stored in Chronopolis is distributed to 3 different institutions in 3 different geographical zones.

Chronopolis is not a membership organization; it offers access to long-term preservation storage services through a partnership with DuraSpace, using the DuraCloud hosted software for ingest into Chronopolis. Contracts to use Chronopolis storage are handled through DuraSpace and are paid on an annual basis. The storage fees are based on the number of TBs to be stored in the coming year. Unlike DPN, neither DuraSpace nor Chronopolis make any guarantees to retain content beyond the term defined in a storage contract.

Is DuraCloud Vault going away?

The process to deposit and manage content in Chronopolis via the DuraCloud interface is identical to the process and interface used for DuraCloud Vault. The only differences are the name and the set of storage nodes in which preservation copies are made. The DuraCloud Vault name will be retired, as it is specific to the use of DuraCloud to manage content in the DPN network. The DuraCloud service will continue to offer storage in Chronopolis.