What is DuraCloud Vault?

  • DuraCloud Vault is a hosted service built on the open source DuraCloud software. DuraCloud Vault is a partnership between DuraSpace, Chronopolis, and the Digital Preservation Network. The DuraCloud Vault service is an ingest node into DPN that enables users to directly transfer content into the Chronopolis storage of DPN.

How does DuraCloud Vault work?

  • Users upload their content to the DuraCloud Vault web-based dashboard and create a “snapshot” of that content by clicking a button in the user interface. The snapshot created in the interface is automatically transferred to Chronopolis, where checksums for each content item are verified, a manifest is generated, and the snapshot is moved into Chronopolis storage. Once these initial checks are complete, Chronopolis (a preservation node in the DPN network) creates replicas of the content and transfers it to a minimum of two other nodes in the DPN network, where it is then monitored for a minimum of 20 years.
  • Additionally, the DuraCloud Vault interface provides additional benefits such as providing a listing of the content that has been transferred to DPN. DuraCloud also provides the option of keeping replica copies of content available for immediate download using another DuraCloud storage provider options (such as Amazon).

How is DuraCloud Vault different from DuraCloud?

  • DuraCloud Vault has several differences with DuraCloud:
    • DuraCloud Vault is a service available to DPN members only while DuraCloud is available to any organization who wishes to purchase a subscription.
    • DuraCloud Vault stores content in the DPN network of storage nodes (specifically the Chronopolis node) while DuraCloud stores content in the cloud storage providers chosen by customers (Amazon, Rackspace, or the San Diego Supercomputer Center).
    • DuraCloud Vault costs are included in DPN membership dues while DuraCloud costs are based on the amount of storage and storage providers used.

How much does DuraCloud Vault cost?

  • The use of DuraCloud Vault and storage of 5TB per year is included in DPN membership dues.

How do you get started with DuraCloud Vault?

  • To get started, please contact us today! Someone from DuraCloud Vault will follow-up with you in 3-4 business days via email to learn more about your needs and use cases and determine the most appropriate next steps. Please note that you must be a member of DPN to use DuraCloud Vault. If you are not a DPN member, you can learn more about DPN membership here.

Do you have to be a DPN member to use DuraCloud Vault?

  • Yes, DPN membership is required in order to use DuraCloud Vault. However, if you are not able to become a DPN member, the DuraCloud service is available to any organization. You can learn more about the DuraCloud service here.
  • You can learn more about DPN, membership, and technical details in the DPN FAQ here.