DuraCloud makes it easy for academic and cultural heritage institutions to take advantage of the benefits of using cloud storage and services for content preservation without the need for specialized staff or skills. DuraCloud provides access to cloud storage providers through one unified web-based interface.

Content Transfer Tools

DuraCloud provides tools and support for easily transferring content to the cloud and verifies the health of every content item as it is uploaded and downloaded.

Backup and Synchronization

DuraCloud copies your content onto several different cloud storage providers and ensures that all copies are kept synchronized.

Health Reports

DuraCloud makes it easy to check the health of files stored with cloud providers and allows you to easily detect if your content has experienced integrity issues as it has been stored in the cloud. Regular bit-level health checks are conducted automatically by DuraCloud and health reports are available for download.

Video and Audio Streaming

DuraCloud allows streaming of video and audio through the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about installing and maintaining streaming servers.


DuraCloud is also with the DSpace repository platform, Archive-It, and other systems for easy and straightforward content preservation.

Open Source Software

DuraCloud is built on open source software, so there is no concern about proprietary or vendor lock-in issues for your content.