Service Providers

DuraCloud Service Providers have made an investment in our open technologies and a commitment to work cooperatively with DuraCloud to best serve the community of users. All service provider listings are ordered alphabetically.

To learn more about the DuraSpace Service Provider (DSP) Program including how to apply to participate, visit our wiki.

Certified DuraCloud Partners

Certified DuraCloud PartnersThese are organizations that have demonstrated expertise and a significant community effort to support DuraSpace open technologies through community leadership, in-kind contributions, and financial support. Partners contribute a minimum of 250 hours of in-kind community contribution annually as well as a percentage of gross annual revenue.




4Science launched its new DuraCloud Europe service in 2018. To do so, 4Science undertook in depth training, an audit of the DuraCloud installation, and has access to second tier support from DuraSpace for the delivery of this service.

Established in 2011, DuraCloud is an open source, hosted service that makes it easy to control where and how your organization preserves content in the cloud. DuraCloud enables your institution to store content with expert cloud storage providers while adding lightweight features that enable digital preservation and data access. DuraCloud ensures preservation best practices through replication of content across multiple providers and regular bit integrity health reports.

Services Include: Hosted content and preservation storage, Customization, Development, Hosting, Installation/configuration, Integration, Training

Name: Susanna Mornati
Phone: +39/0239710421

Locations: Italy

Language Support: English, Italian