Steering Group

Aaron Choate

Director of Digital Strategies

Aaron is the Director of Digital Strategies for the University of Texas Libraries (UTL). He has been involved in digital library & archives development in various ways for over 20 years. He has worked across many aspects of UTL operations; from development, to service provision, project management, team leadership, departmental direction, and now as a director concentrating on University of Texas Libraries’ digital strategies. He is interested in working to ensure that Fedora continues to perform as the core for a wide array of digital asset systems, supporting a strong ecosystem of complimentary interfaces and services.

Stefano Cossu

Director of Application Services, Collections

Stefano is leading the LAKE project, a digital asset management system for the AIC Collections that will store millions of internal and public documents accessible by over 20 different departments. He has chosen Fedora 4 as the core component of LAKE since its early alpha development and has been contributing to its development with museum-specific use cases and perspectives.

Stefano has a background in visual arts and has worked in several IT fields with small companies and large corporations, such as Sears Holdings, before settling in the digital humanities field. He is committed to expanding the adoption of Fedora among museums and other cultural heritage institutions. Recently he has started the Midwest Fedora User Group.

Tom Cramer

Assistant University Librarian & Director for Digital LIbrary Systems & Services

Tom is the Assistant University Librarian & Director for Digital LIbrary Systems & Services for the Stanford University Libraries (SUL). His role as director for the Stanford Digital Repository and the development of SearchWorks, SUL's next generation discovery environment, led him to interest in Fedora community initiatives that include being a founder of and evangelist for the Hydra Project, and the first adopter and an active contributor to Blacklight.

Declan Fleming

Chief Technology Strategist and Director of Information Technology Services

Declan Fleming is the Chief Technology Strategist and Director of Information Technology Services (ITS) at the University of California, San Diego Library. The UC San Diego Library ITS group provides production support of Library services and develops leading edge Digital Library software. Declan started his career at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, managing the public computing sites for a number of years. He then moved West, doing corporate IT for several years in San Diego. He returned to academia in 2003 and finds libraries and their challenges to be fascinating.

Susan Lafferty

Associate Library Director (Resources and Access)

Until recently Susan was Director, Digital Library Services at UNSW Australia, where she helped drive Fedora development and migration to Fedora 4. She is now Associate Library Director (Resources and Access) at the Australian Catholic University, where she will be responsible, among other things, for repository development. Susan is committed to increasing Australasian support for DuraSpace and Fedora in particular. Susan has held a number of senior positions in Australian university libraries, and has a strong track record of successfully implementing change to improve online services to library users. She has also contributed the development of research support infrastructure in Australia, particularly ensuring harvesting at a national level, of metadata relating to research outputs.

Rosalyn Metz

Director, Library Technology and Digital Strategies

Rosalyn Metz is the Director of Library Technology and Digital Strategies at Emory University in Atlanta. There she leads a diverse cross-functional team at the university to provide support for the libraries' technology infrastructure.  The Emory University Libraries have embarked on a multi-year effort to implement a Fedora/Samvera based repository to preserve content for the University’s community. She believes that the cultural heritage institutions that support Fedora need to ensure its long-term stewardship and continued success well into the future.

Este Pope

Head of Digital Programs

Este is Head of Digital Programs for the Amherst College Library. Este leads the work of the Digital Programs department in building sustainable, accessible digital collections. Amherst College is actively involved in the Fedora community through code and metadata contributions, and seeks to support the needs of liberal arts colleges in use of Fedora and related systems. Este has a background in library systems, digital libraries, library instruction, educational technology and online learning. She is dedicated to the development of Fedora as a community-supported repository to promote open access to information, scholarship, and preservation of cultural heritage.

Robin Ruggaber

Chief Technical Officer

Robin is the Chief Technical Officer for the University of Virginia Library. As a founding member of the Fedora, Blacklight and Hydra communities, UVa has a long standing commitment to evolving repository technologies. Robin serves in a strategic capacity in each of these communities and is responsible for the strategic, architectural and operational aspects of technology for the UVa Library. Core to this architecture is the Fedora repository.Providing access is LIBRA, a full production Hydra-based Fedora institution repository and VIRGO, a traditional Fedora based digital asset repository. Robin is the former Asst. Director of Infrastructure for UVa's IT organization.

Evviva Weinraub

Associate University Librarian for Digital Strategies

Evviva Weinraub is the Associate University Librarian for Digital Strategies at Northwestern University and co-Director of the Avalon Media System. Avalon is a Hydra and Fedora based management and access system designed to curate, distribute, and provide online access to large Audio and Video collections. In addition to the leadership she provides at Northwestern and for Avalon around Digital Library strategies, Evviva is committed to the growth and health of the Fedora community by increasing international adoption and contribution to the Fedora community.

Steering Group Ambassadors

Ambassadors are ex-officio Fedora Steering Group members that promote Fedora internationally.

Wolfram Horstmann

University Librarian

Wolfram is Director of the Göttingen State and University Library and University Librarian of Georg August Universität Göttingen. He is a long standing supporter of Fedora and dedicated advocate of the idea to use reliable repositories as data backbones for scientific research and scholarship. He was formerly Associate Director of the Bodleian Libraries (University of Oxford, UK) University and Chief Information Officer at Bielefeld University (Germany).

Matthias Razum

Head e-Science

Matthias is Head e-Science at FIZ Karlsruhe, a not-for-profit company providing services for knowledge management and information transfer to the STM and academic community. He chose Fedora to to build an e-research infrastructure, eSciDoc, for the Max Planck Society, to promote research results to a broader community in Germany and abroad. Scalability and ingest performance were key factors in Razum's decision to make Fedora a key strategic software platform for future FIZ Karlsruhe projects.

Thorny Staples

Director of the Office of Research Information Services

Thorny is the Director of the Office of Research Information Services for the Smithsonian Institution where he is building a research data management environment based on Fedora. He designed the original technical architecture for the Rossetti Project, a large-scale digital scholarly project that began in 1992. He was the Co-Director or Director of the Fedora Project for the first 10 years and was later the Director of the Fedora Project and Community Strategy and Alliances for Duraspace.